About Us

JAY BHARAT SPICES Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading spices and dietary supplement production company in Odisha, India. This company is not only well known in our state but also outside the state because of its quality and cost effective networking. We are proud to be Indians. We are a nation with rich culture, heritage, principle of unity in diversity and above all high moral values and ethics. The strong base of the Indian society is faith, which has originated with the civilization and will last till the universe exists. There is a verse in Odia ‘Jaha nahiin Bharate, taha nahin jagate.’ It means what you dont get in India or Bharat, you can’t get that in the entire Universe. This has inspired us to serve the society in a healthy and trustworthy way and that has given birth to JAY BHARAT SPICES Pvt. Ltd, a name synonym with trust, purity and integrity. Being an ISO 9001-2008 & HACCP Certified Company, we adhere strictly to the policy on Quality Management System so meticulously designed that it adds more strength to achieve our corporate objectives professionally.As an AGMARK Certifiedcompany it ensures the purity and quality of agricultural and allied products.