Kadai Mushroom

Kadai Mushroom, stir fried mushroom and capsicum cooked in onion and tomato based spicy gravy, is prepared in a very similar way as popular Punjabi curry, restaurant style kadai paneer. … Add sliced capsicum and salt. Mix well and cook until water released by mushroom is evaporated and capsicum turns soft.

Soya Mutter ki Kadhi

Textured or textured vegetable protein (TVP), also known as textured soy protein (TSP), soy meat, or soya chunks is a defalcated soy flour product, a by-product of extracting soybean oil. It is often used as a meat analogue or meat extender. It is quick to cook, with a protein content comparable to certain meats.

South Indian Sambhar

Sambhar is reflective of a broad and ancient tradition of lentil-based vegetable stews in southern India. In regions that grow coconuts, notably some areas of Kerala, coastal Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Sambhar is made with a paste of fresh, grated and roasted coconuts and spices, instead of sambhar powder.

Vegetable Momos

Veg Momos, a steamed or fried dumpling stuffed with mixed vegetables, is a delicious snack food enjoyed in Tibet region Finely cut all vegetables as mentioned in the ingredients section. Add 3/4 cup maida (all purpose flour), 1 teaspoon oil and salt in a large bowl.

Kolhapuri Egg Curry

Kolhapuri Egg Curry or Anda Rassa is a spicy curry made with eggs. Here is a tried and tested authentic Maharashtrian recipe to make this dish. Kolhapuri Egg Curry or Anda Rassa is a spicy and very flavourful dish made using dry coconut and red chilies. … It is a pleasure to relish delicacies of Kolhapuri cuisine.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Kashmiri dum aloo is one of the most widely preferred north Indian curries. Baby potatoes are deep fried and then cooked in delicious gravy of curd and lots of spices like kashmiri red chillies, fennel powder, cardamom powder, cumin-coriander powder, ginger, garlic etc.

Odia Special Dalma

Dalma is a traditional dish of Orissa. It is a kind of dal which contains nutritious vegetables like papaya, brinjal and some others. If you do not know how to cook, then venturing out with Dalma would be great.

Vegetable Korma

Vegetable Korma is a popular Indian curry in which boiled vegetables are cooked in a creamy and aromatic gravy of yogurt, coconut and cashew nuts based paste and sautéed onion and tomato.

Shahi Paneer

Shahi paneer is a preparation of paneer in a thick gravy made up of cream, tomatoes and spices from the Indian subcontinent. It is mainly eaten with roti, naan, rice, other breads. Paneer is the word for cottage cheese, and shahi is the term for royal (in reference to the Imperial Court).

Punjabi Chhole Masala

Chana masala ( literally “mix-spiced small-chickpeas”), also known as channay, chole masala, chole or chholay (plural), is a dish from the Indian subcontinent; notable in Indian and cuisine.

Fruit Chaat

The cut fruits are tossed in a mixture of freshly ground black pepper, roasted cumin powder, chaat masala and black salt. A few mint leaves can also be added for a minty fresh flavor. This summer in a bowl which is full of nutrients and vitamins has an unbeatable flavor.

Fish Curry

Fish curry may refer to: Malabar matthi curry, an Indian dish Fish head curry, a Singaporean dish where the head of an Ikan Merah (red snapper, literally “Red fish”) is used. Machher Jhol (also spelled “Machher Ghonta”) is a traditional Bengali and Oriya fish curry. It is a delicacy in Bengal and is the curry made of the fish head and that’s the very reason it is called ghonta which means the head of the fish. Mas riha, a Maldivian fish curry Malu Mirisata, a fish curry from Sri Lanka

Indian Mutton Curry

This easy, homemade Indian mutton curry will become your go to recipe every time you want to cook with lamb. Tender, succulent pieces of meat are cooked in a spicy gravy that makes it the perfect bowl of comfort food with basmati rice. … This one’s purely for the beginners who want a bowl of curry and rice now and then.

Karahi Chicken

Chicken Curries Parties Main Course Indian Dinner Parties. Karahi Chicken or Karahi Chicken Curry is loved and eaten all over India. To make Karahi Chicken, traditionally Chicken is sauteed in aromatic mixture of herbs and spices in a Karahi (wok) but in modern fast living, pressure cooker has taken place of Karahi.

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