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Aloo Dum Masala

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Adding extra tinge of spice to the popular snack food, Bharat Aloo Dum Masala is an exciting blend of rich and aromatic spices. Ingredients of Aloo DumMasala Garam Masala,  Cummin, Coriander,  Turmeric,  Red Pepper.

Recommended Recipes

  • No Artificial color Added
  • Ground with Cryogenic Technology
  • Hygeinically Packed
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

100 g | 50 g


Common Salt, Onion Flakes, Ginger-GarlicFlakes, Tomato, ChillyPowder, Sugar, TomatoFlakes,Sonth, Coriander,Milk Powder, Turmeric,White Pepper, BlackPepper, Nutmeg, Mace,Brown Cardamom, DryMango Powder.

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