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MR. Surendra Nath Panda (Founder & Chairman)

Mr. Surendra Nath Panda, Founder & Chairman, Jay Bharat Spices Pvt. Ltd., whose dedication, determination and vision which make him his dream turns to reality and gives identity among others.

The dream brand, innovated by Mr. Surendra Nath Panda, name as   BHARAT MASALA now it has been an popular house hold Brand Identity not only in India but also at abrod.

The special personality came from a village of Odisha, started his small spice grinding unit with a small capital and then proved his vision into possibility. Now the company has its four manufacturing facility units and good brand positioning among the top spices industry in India.

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A Papad Is A Thin, Crisp, Disc-shaped Food From The Indian Subcontinent; Typically Based On A Seasoned Dough Usually Made From Peeled Black Gram Flour (Urad Flour), Either Fried Or Cooked With Dry Heat (Usually Flipping It Over An Open Flame).


Asafoetida Has A Pungent Smell, But In Cooked Dishes It Delivers A Smooth Flavour Reminiscent Of Leeks. It Is Also Known As Food Of The Gods, Devil’s Dung, Jowani Badian, Hing, Hengu, Ingu, Kayam, And Ting.


White Poppy Seeds Are An Oilseed Grown On The Opium Poppy Plant. The Seeds Have A Yellowish-white Colour And Are Kidney-shaped. They Are Used Both For Their Flavour And As A Decoration. … They Both Have A Pleasant Sweet Nutty Flavour, That Compliments Savoury & Sweet Cooking.


Upto 20% less usage

Unlike its competitors, our spices are all-natural flavoured, authentic that would require 20% less usage.


No Artificial Colours

No artificial smell or colours are added to our products. There’s no chance of any allergy from our products


No Coarse Grains

Our high-quality manufacturing machines grind all spices to an ultra-fine powder until the texture is perfect for cooking.


24*7 Prompt Customer Service

We have a separate customer service team that’s dedicated to answering every concern you face. You will receive prompt responses to all your queries.


Pure & undiluted

Our seasonings and spices aren’t tainted with external preservatives and additives to increase production capacity. You will receive authentic products that come straight from our manufacturing factory.


Hygiene is prioritized

All our products are packaged by machines to avoid contamination and every package is airtight to prevent moisture or air particles.


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